Unbox Joy

In 2012, Hygeniee's founder Eden Edge was forced to terminate her baby due to an ectopic pregnancy. She was petrified! It was not clear as to why she had a failed pregnancy after successfully carrying two healthy babies. After consulting with her physician and doing a little research, she found out that her uterine wall and fallopian tubes had chemical scarring. Eden's physician stated that the type of birth control she was using along with certain feminine care products were filled with harmful chemicals such as chloroform, aluminum, and acetone. Her body had been absorbing these chemicals for over five years! Hearing this information was tough but it was then that Eden decided to adapt some healthier habits.

Knowing that there are others who have had similar experiences, we wanted to create a place where healthier options were provided as well have the ability to give information to women on how to care for their bodies.

At Hygeniee, we provide feminine hygiene care products that are organic, all-natural, chemical & toxin free, and made by Women! Our mission is to deliver a unique collection of items to each customer’s home, every single month — which is why we have a dedicated team of professionals who pick out quality items to include in each box.


Our company was born from a desire to give people true joy in a package of surprises, delivered straight to their doorstep. We figured out how to take advantage of technology in order to turn that great feeling into a company. Subscribe now to start receiving this joy right away!